Onwa reservation deposit (for 1 person)

Onwa reservation deposit (for 1 person)

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The reservation is only effective upon the purchase of a “deposit ticket” and confirmation from Onwa.
Please read the conditions before purchasing. If you agree, please purchase deposit tickets according to the number of guests.
    1    Our restaurant is not barrier-free. The second floor is equipped with seating cushions and low tables.
    2    Minimum of one order per person. The price range for drinks is 500–700 yen, and for food, 500–2500 yen. The average lunch budget is around 3000 yen.
    3    The deposit will be deducted from your bill. If the deposit exceeds the actual bill, it will not be refunded.
    4    In the event of cancellation, the deposit is forfeited. 

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